The HAMster Weak Signal Group

Changing the world, one contact at a time…

Who are the HAMsters?

We are a group of Amateur Radio Operators who really enjoy our hobby and wish to promote and encourage others to find the same joy and excitement in the hobby that we do. When N5XO, KB2WDM, KE5MHJ, WX5W founded the HAMsters in 2006, we refused to allow the typical club politics, rules and regulations to interfere with our enjoyment of the hobby. So we formed the ORIGINAL UNCLUB.

We decided from Day ONE, there would be no officers, no politics, no dues and NO rules, just a growing group of Amateur Radio Operators who want to have fun, and push the technical limits of our personal knowledge and our station capabilities operating primarily on the VHF/UHF Bands.

We have been described numerous times as the “friendliest group of hams in the nation”.

The HAMSters promoting the THRILL OF AMATEUR RADIO!

What we do:

When the Group was founded in 2006, we originally were hightly active on HF and 2 meter Simplex operation. We grew as a 2 meter FM Simplex Group through out central Texas. In late 2009, much of the Group focus shifted to what is known as VHF/UHF Weak Signal. Not to be confused with QRP. This is SSB/CW/Digital/Meteor Scatter and EME. In 2011, this became the Groups primary focus. For the past 4 years, we have devoted ourselves to educating fellow HAMs on Weak Signal Activity, Station Building, Operating Techniques, Antenna design and more. We speak at local and regional clubs, we promote and host an Annual Lunch & Learn.

Why we do it:

Simply put, we love our hobby. Not only is Amateur Radio Exciting and very rewarding, but some of your closest friends will come from this hobby. Whin this hobby VHF/UHF Weak Signal Operating offers some very unique challenges, excitement and the opportunity for reward is amazing. Using frequencies most consider only good for line of sight, repeater operation, etc and talking hundres of miles offers excitement rarely found on HF. Bottom line, in order to maximize our enjoyment from Weak Signal operating, it must continue to grow. What better way to grow the hobby, then to promote it and generate excitement for VHF/UHF Operating. HAMsters are about promotion of this exciting aspect of our hobby.