HAMster Fusion Repeater News:

The HAMsters are proud supporters of System Fusion, and operate 3 regional Repeaters. Keep in touch with our latest Repeater News and Local Net Activity.

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VHF/UHF Weak Signal News:

Learn the latest HAMster VHF/UHF News and Activities, plus the current VHF/UHF Net Schedule, and ARRL and CQ Contest Calendar.

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HAMster Amateur Radio Group

Promoting VHF/UHF Weak Signal Activity since 2006

Get in touch: CW/SSB Phone/Meteor Scatter and EME

SSB Operation: 50.130/144.180 Repeater Operation: 147.120 pl 82.5/145.350 pl 82.5


HAMster Chapters

Due to the nature of VHF/UHF Operations and the desire to promote weak signal activity around the country, we have created sub-groups, to help spread Weak Signal Activity and Training.

As the HAMster Group continues to grow, we will enjoy more DX oppurtunities as well as national activity and contesting....

As we add more Chapters in Cities around the country, we will be updated this link. Providing regional information, activity and events.

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San Antonio HAMsters

Houston HAMsters

HAMster News


HAMster Event

2017 HAMster Lunch and Learn

Our 2nd Annual Event was a huge success even with the poor

date to share with a major out of town holiday.


Thanks to all of the folks who through donations and or support helped bring this event together.